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Street Fighter x Tekken Team Combo Exhibition by Desk

Check out Desk’s new combo video featuring various characters using the switch cancel feature in Street Fighter x Tekken!

Street Fighter x Tekken Solo Combo Video by Desk!

Hype for Street Fighter x Tekken? Check out Desk’s newest combo video which showcases individual character combos! His next video will feature various combos using various teams which should come out tomorrow!

Top Player 1vs1 Tournament for Street Fighter x Tekken

TwitchTV has announced that they will be showcasing 5 top player matches to show some high level play for Street Fighter x Tekken this Saturday at 8 PM PST. Here is the line up:

• Mike Ross vs. FC Jago
• WW|Ryan Hart vs. EG Ricky Ortiz
• Filthie Rich vs. Flash Metroid
• TS|Arturo Sanchez vs.|Combofiend
• Rip vs. MYK

Each player will be fighting for $1000. The matches will be streamed live as part of the Cross Assault reality show and can be viewed here – Cross Assault

Cross Assault for Street Fighter x Tekken

The second day of the reality show for Street Fighter x Tekken known as Cross Assault will soon by underway. KOR from Team Tekken was eliminated yesterday. Check out the live stream here – Cross Assault Live Stream

The 10 Cross Assault Contestants Revealed!

The 10 contestants for Cross Assault have been announced. There will be 5 members for Team Street Fighter and 5 members for Team Tekken. Check out the video below for more details.

Team Street Fighter
- Dr. Sub-Zero
- SherryJenix
- Renic
- TFA Hornet
- TS NerdJosh

Team Tekken
- Bronson
- 200yen
- SuperYan
- Tasty Steve