More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Videos with Match Playlist

Check out the videos below from ldmaxi aka maxi millian

00:00 Bryan/Jinpachi vs. Kuma/Panda
03:40 Kazuya/Bryan vs. Bryan/Nina
06:30 Devil Jin/Kazuya vs. Kuma/Panda
10:25 Jack-6/Feng Wei vs. JayCee/Bruce
13:10 Yoshimitsu/Anna vs. JayCee/Bruce
16:08 Yoshimitsu/Anna vs. Steve/Lars
17:45 Asuka/Jun vs. Steve/Lars
19:42 King/Armor King vs. Steve/Lars
21:21 King/Armor King vs. True Ogre/Bob
23:01 King/Armor King vs. Panda/Kuma
25:15 Armor King/King vs. Kazuya/Lars
27:48 Jun/Asuka vs. Lars/Kazuya
31:10 Jun/Asuka vs. Yoshimitsu/Marduk
34:30 Jack-6/Panda vs. Yoshimitsu/True Ogre
36:31 Steve/Bob vs. Yoshimitsu/Lee
38:04 Paul/Steve vs. Lars/Bryan
42:02 Asuka/Raven vs. Bryan/Lars
44:54 Asuka/Raven vs. Devil Jin/Jack-6
46:32 Law/Lei vs. Devil Jin/King
49:09 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Devil Jin/Paul
50:34 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Kazuya/Lars
51:53 Jack-6/Panda vs. Kuma/Lars
54:00 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Marduk/Yoshimitsu

00:00 JayCee/Bruce vs. Marduk/Yoshimitsu
02:45 Hwoarang/Baek vs. Marduk/Yoshimitsu
04:44 Hwoarang/Baek vs. Jack-6/Paul
06:25 Hwoarang/Baek vs. Steve/Lars
09:12 Lars/Asuka vs. Steve/Lars
12:29 Miguel/Asuka vs. Jack-6/Lars
15:33 Steve/Asuka vs. Roger Jr/Panda
18:40 Jun/Asuka vs. Paul/Jack-6
20:56 True Ogre/Asuka vs. Steve/Bryan
23:14 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Devil Jin/Lars
25:50 Lei/Lee vs. Miguel/Lars
28:00 Hwoarang/Baek vs. Lars/Lee
30:56 Marduk/Yoshimitsu vs. Lee/Lei
34:40 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Jack-6/Lars
37:11 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Asuka/Jin
40:00 Panda/Jack-6 vs. Lars/Armor King
42:54 Kazuya/Devil Jin vs. Armor King/Lars
45:36 Devil Jin/Kazuya vs. King/Armor King
48:32 Lars/Steve vs. King/Armor King
50:45 Lars/Steve vs. Jack-6/Kuma
53:45 Hwoarang/Baek vs. Lei/Jack-6

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